Construction starts on new protected cycle lanes

Construction has started on new protected cycle lanes on Queensbridge Road and Balls Pond Road, as part of the Council’s ambitious plan to rebuild a greener Hackney in the wake of the pandemic. 

The new protected cycle lanes on Queensbridge Road are being introduced between Whiston Road and Albion Drive, joining protected cycle lanes installed on Queensbridge Road between Hackney Road and Whiston Road earlier this year. 

Together, this will support residents in Haggerston to join Quietway 2, improving cycle links to Lea Bridge, Leyton and Islington, and supporting residents in Hackney Central. 

Plans to introduce cycle lanes on the section of Cycle Superhighway 1 along Balls Pond Road pre-date the pandemic, and were supported by 67% of respondents in consultation in 2018.

They will see a two-way protected cycle lane introduced between Culford Road and Kingsbury Road, with a traffic signal at the junction with Culford Road to allow the cycle route to cross Balls Pond Road. 

Construction at both sites started today (Monday 12 October).

To support construction at Balls Pond Road, temporary traffic lights will be installed on three weekends (17-18 October, 24-25 October and 31 October – 1 November and for one week on 23-29 November) to support construction. These will be linked to temporary traffic lights at the A10/Balls Pond Road junction to minimise congestion as much as possible. 

The protected cycle lanes on Queensbridge Road are being introduced using an experimental traffic order, in line with guidance from the Department for Transport on promoting active travel during the coronavirus pandemic. 

In line with this guidance, residents can have their say online at, which will be taken into account, alongside traffic monitoring, before a decision is made on whether or not to make measures permanent.

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