Policing in Hackney – Findings from youth-led research by Account

Account, a youth-led police monitoring group from Hackney, has released a new report titled ‘Policing in Hackney: Challenges from Youth in 2020’. All the research in the report was designed, conducted and written up by young people in Account.

The report documents issues around trust, trauma and accountability with regards to local police. It includes the following key stats:

  • Handcuff usage has increased in Hackney by 158% in the last three years

  • Young Black Men in Hackney are 6 times more likely than their white peers to be Stopped and Searched

  • Black people are also 4 times more likely to have force used against them

  • Police in Hackney also Stop and Search young Black men with a much lower ‘hit rate’ than white people. From August 2019 to July 2020 22% of searches in Hackney led to a positive outcome. For young Black men (aged 15-19) this figure was 14%

Press release courtesy of Hackney Account

Image: Great Okosun 

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